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Call the midwife toad

The newest addition to Paignton Zoo Environmental Park, as part of an effort to save the species – the Majorcan midwife toad come to the zoo. The tiny amphibian has large eyes and a shiny golden green colouring, and like all midwife toads, the male carries the eggs.

The midwife toad is native to the island of Majorca, where fossil remains were found before any living evidence of the toad. Four males and six females have arrived from ZSL London Zoo and have come to Devon, as part of a breeding programme at Paignton Zoo. In partnership with ZSL and the Majorcan government, this programme will hopefully save the rare species.

The animal staff will need to ensure that the toads are kept within optimum conditions, the exact climate they would experience in the wild, in order for the programme to be successful. The gardening team have donated materials to recreate the frogs’ environment, where the toads hide under rocks and in caves.

The species is classified as vulnerable by the IUCN and there’s an approximate number of 500 breeding pairs in the wild. Many new breeding populations have been established and introduced into new areas.

The female toads often compete for a mate, this is unusual behaviour for the toad. Both sexes make a series of sounds to attract a mate during courtship.

For more information on the midwife toad and Paignton Zoo, click HERE.

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