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Days Out Blog

Date Ideas for every occasion

Posted: Thursday, May 31, 2018 |Category: Tips, Great Days Out

Everyone has been on one of these at least one in their lifetime, either you’re the one that came up with the idea of going on a date or you were forced on the date. You can either be a serial dater and have lots of practise and experience or a first timer that has no idea on what to do. It doesn’t matter what one you this can give you some life saving tips. Here are ideas on what to do for a range of dates so that you can get the perfect date!


First dates are what gets the ball going, it’s the first step of an relationship, nothing is worse than having nothing in common with the other person and you just sit there in complete silence, awkwardly but on the other hand the first date is what gets the relationship moving, you both might have the best time ever and want to progress to the second date and so forth. Some examples of what you can do on the first date are…

  1. Meet up at a coffee shop: here you can see their preferred coffee (so on dates to come you can be cute and surprise them with it). Coffee shops are a chilled and relaxed environment as well so there is no rush and no pressure for anything. Here you can have a general chat to get to know each other better and see if any sparks are there.
  2. A classic first date is take them out for dinner: No matter what your budget is you can take them out for dinner. To a classy, expensive restaurant up in London or a cheap and cosy local restaurant you might know. Either way it is the thought that counts and they should appreciate that. Here you can talk and to break up any awkwardness there might be, there is food and drink to take away any tensions.
  3. Take a cooking class together: this is a fun ice breaker and is good if you two haven’t know each other for long as it’s a laugh and can see what the other person is like under pressure and can see how well they are at cooking! This is great for an easy chat without feeling awkward.


No one likes boring, serious dates where you feel like you are being interrogated and judged. You like to feel appreciated, loved and also to have a laugh with the person you like or love (depending on how long you have been together for).  So here are a few ideas for a fun date!

  1. If you are feeling adventurous then perhaps have a hiking date: Great for couples that can’t stay still together, or busy and are always on the move. This gives a chance to have a break from the real world. Taking a hike gives you fresh air and quality time with your partner while you hike and see some breath-taking views if you live near hills.
  2. Take a road trip: take a simple drive to explore near where you live or go further if you want, maybe make a weekend of it. Make fun memories with your partner while you see what the world has to offer with new experiences and new food.
  3. Maybe make a picnic: a simple idea which you can do anywhere and anytime! Surprise you partner with a picnic, make their favourite foods such as sandwiches, cocktail sausages or treats they may love even add a bottle of bubbly if you want to.


It doesn’t matter what your budget is, you can always have a date! Here are a couple of ideas of what to do if you don’t have a lot of money but still want to spend quality time with your loved one.

  1. Watch a romantic sunset together: take a little walk to the beach or to a pond or river near you. Get a couple blankets and wait till its time for the sunset or even the sunrise. This is a beautiful view for you both to watch, while you are waiting it gives you time to talk about how you both are feeling and how your week was.
  2. Stay in and watch movies: Perfect for when it is raining, snowing or just cold outside, this is the time to snuggle down together while watching new movies you both wanted to see. Doesn’t mean you have to talk non-stop while your partner is trying to watch it but is time to just to cuddle and spend some private time together without anyone around.
  3. Cook or bake: A fun idea for when you both don’t know what to do and to also work on your teamworking skills, look in your cupboards or run to the local corner shop to get the ingredients you need.   Either cook a nice, relaxing dinner for you both to enjoy in the evening or make a cake or brownies if you’re in the mood for something sweet.


Double dates… you either hate or love them. Girls usually come up with the idea to go on a double date with their friends, so their boyfriends can meet, or you get dragged along to one because you are the only single one out of your mates and they need someone else.

  1. Go to brunch: gives both “couples” the opportunity to talk to each other and get to know each other more. If it turns out awkward you always have your mates to rely on, to keep the conversation going. There is also food and drinks available for ice breakers.
  2. Go and see a play or film: Go to a theatre to see a play or cinema to see a new movie out. This means you don’t have to talk all the time just before and after the film and if there is no chemistry there you can just sit there and watch the play when it starts.
  3. Visit a museum or gallery: if you prefer not sitting still all the time and would rather explore well this is the place for you. While visiting a museum or gallery it also gives you both something to talk about if you find something interesting.
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UK Bucket list- What you need to do in UK:

Posted: Tuesday, May 29, 2018 |Category: Great Days Out

Hope you all had fun this weekend and enjoyed the bank holiday! Here are 7 things you need to put on your bucket list immediately to keep the memories flowing... With a wide range of things to do to suit everyone’s needs and wants. From tours to learn history to nature walks and pools to enjoying chocolate!


  1. Punt along the backs- Cambridge.

The River Cam runs through the heart of Cambridge, so enjoy the amazing views in a traditional Cambridge Punt. Some of the famous Cambridge landmarks you can expect to see during this 45-minute tour is the Bridge of Sighs, King's College Chapel, The Wren Library at Trinity College and many more sights in Cambridge from a river point of view.


  1. Go in the thermal waters in Bath.

So how it all happened: well the water fell as rain about 10,000 years ago and then sank to a depth of about 2km. Here it is then heated by high temperature rocks below the ground before rising back up through one of the three hot springs in the centre of the City, the Cross Spring, Hetling or King’s Spring, which supplies the Roman Baths. The thermal waters also contain over 42 different minerals, the most concentrated being sulphate, calcium & chloride. This is a luxury bath to relax your body and mind while you soak up all the minerals.


  1. Climb up the O2.

Are you are feeling adventurous? Do you love views? Then this is the one for you! Climb up the O2 with a tour guide, this will get you blood pumping while you ascend the great O2 arena. At the end it is all worth it as you get to see a picture-perfect view of London like no one has seen it.


  1. Take a tour of parliament.

This gives you a chance to see behind the scenes of parliament. Experience what it’s like to stand in the House of Commons and Lords. See the art in the hallways, the architecture. This is the perfect way to find out how laws are made, ask as many questions as you like to the tour guides. Learn the history behind Parliament.


  1. Tour of Buckingham Palace.

This is great to see how royalty lives while you explore the rooms in Buckingham Palace. From the ballroom to the throne room and state rooms, see the treasures that lay hidden in Buckingham Palace. Roam in the well-kept gardens behind the Palace and see what plants are kept there.


  1. Visit the Fairy pools in Isle of Skye.

Do you love nature and walking? Well this is the trip for you, take a walk to get to the fairy pools! This first Waterfall marks the start of the magical pools. Some of the pools make great swimming, but rarely get warm. The first waterfall is the highest fall and also the deepest pool. For the courageous only there are some great high jumps. On the other side of the river from the path it is possible to jump into deep blue pool (around 10 meters high).

The next pool up is properly the most famous of the lot, a beautifully clear blue pool ideal for a relaxing swim. It features a natural arch, with an exhilarating under water swim though the arch.


  1. Indulge yourself in Cadburys world.

Do you love to eat chocolate? Then visit Cadburys world in Birmingham! Take a walk down the history of how Cadbury’s came about, the adverts and take a ride of the Cadbury’s world very own roller-coaster (don’t worry its just a little one, no heights or flips). Enjoy the taste of the chocolate as you get to try some and witness how it is made! This is not to be missed off your bucket list.

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Top 6 Cocktail bars you need to visit

Posted: Friday, May 25, 2018 |Category: Great Days Out

So, we are back, ready for more places for you to visit! This time we got some astounding and luscious cocktail bars for you to visit for any type of occasion. Whether you are on a first date, meeting up with work colleagues for drinks after work to let of some steam after a long, hard day, having a weekly gossip with your good, old friends or catching up you’re your family.  Even if you just fancy something different than your old, regular pub. Keep on reading to find out where you next adventure will be!


  1. Fu Manchu Bar:

Located at Clapham, 15-16 Lendal Terrace, London.

These cocktails are inspired by the Sax Rohmer book titles and are made from a unique blend of Asian spices and Chinese teas.  Enjoy drinking these sublime cocktails while listening to live music. DJ is there till 3AM so you can dance the night away (or until your feet hurt). Click HERE for more information.


  1. Burlock:

Located at Marylebone, 31 Duke Street.

This venue if for the history lovers as it takes inspiration from the roaring 1920s, Burlock is also one of the largest rum houses in the UK (perfect for the rum lovers as well). Authentic Cuban and Caribbean food is served as well to try with paired cocktails, are you daring enough to try it? Click HERE for more information.


  1. WM Barker & Co:

Located at 202 Bishopsgate, Shoreditch.

This is a secret underground cocktail and craft beer bar; this stylish hideaway uses unique and unusual ingredients to make their scrummy cocktails by doing so the menu changes seasonally to create a menu suitable for the next upcoming season with fresh new ingredients for your taste buds! Click HERE for more information.


  1. Tropicana Beach Club:


Located at New London Theatre Parker Street, Covent Garden.

This is perfect for the holiday lovers or people wishing they were on holiday. This venue is a trip to paradise with a ‘lagoon pool’ style dance floor, palm trees and over 500 decorations to make the place look like a tropical beach party. There are also cabaret style performances with live music as well. The Tropicana beach club also serves around 50 cocktails! From classics to new and flavoursome cocktails. Also selling beach style grills from across the Southern Hemisphere… Click HERE for more information.


  1. Aeronaut:

Located at 264 Acton High, Acton.

This is a cool and quirky place, this isn’t a normal venue but a unique and exciting experience, if you’re looking for something different this is the place for you. Get special circus performances by professionals, Ariel acrobats, swing dance classes and live music from DJs. What a way to get a drink while watching a spectacular show! Click HERE for more information.


  1. Ice-bar London:

Located at 31-33 Heddon Street, West End.

The temperature is -5 degrees Celsius, it is the only cocktail bar in the UK that is permanently frozen solid. Before entering guests are kitted up with thermal caps and gloves and then go inside for a 40-minute slot. This venue also undergoes a yearly transformation so that it is always different and is never the same. Click HERE for more information.

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Hello to our lovely readers, it’s been a while. We’ve been swamped over here at DOUK. However, we haven’t forgotten about you (don’t worry). Is it too late to say happy new year? Probably…

With so many new and exciting things set to happen this year, we thought we’d shine a spotlight on one of our favourite attractions in this post. The V&A has so many great and interesting exhibits coming out this year, so we thought it only fair to share our insider knowledge with you, and let you know what’s coming up in 2018.

The V&A, or the Victoria and Albert Museum, has been around since the late 19th century, and is rich with history and intriguing exhibitions too. The museum has changed so much over the 100+ years it’s been around, with a host of almost 5,000 years’ worth of human creativity and innovation under it’s roof. The building itself is a marvel and is strikingly beautiful.

Below, you’ll find our top 5 exhibition picks coming to the V&A this year…

  1. Videogames: 8th September ’18 – 24th February ‘19

First on our list we have the Videogames exhibition, which runs between September 8th, 2018 into the new year of February 24th, 2019. This exhibition dives into the world of video games, and the resurgence happening within the expansive genre. Looking at a new wave of designers, players and critics who are enhancing and advancing the platform in new and exciting ways. This unique exhibition looks at videogames as a platform of design, art and experience (as opposed to being ‘a waste of time’ as cited from parents around the world).

This exhibition will look into the changes undergone since the mid-2000s, when this gaming renaissance began, and look at all the technological advancements that have happened over the past 18 or so years. Exploring the impact videogames have on the internet and social media too, with how this directly effects how games are played, discussed and designed. There’s loads of hands-on stuff to get involved with, and surely, you’ll find a few games to play as well.

For more information on this exhibit, you can click HERE.

  1. Ocean Liners: Speed & Style: 3rd February ’18 – 10th June ‘18

This exhibition, sponsored by Viking Cruises, looks into the history of ocean travel. From Brunel’s 1859 steamship to the launch of the QE2 in 1969, this exhibition sheds a light on ocean travel like you’ve never seen before. This exhibition is already underway, and runs until early June this year, so be sure to hurry down to the V&A soon!

Featuring stories of the ships’ designs and all the innovative architecture behind the luxurious ships, there are more than 250 objects to see and learn about. Some of the highlights of the exhibition include a panel fragment recovered from the infamous Titanic’s first-class lounge and some art deco interiors of an early 20th century ship (Normandie) too.

Click HERE for more info on the current exhibit.

  1. Fashioned from Nature: 21st April ’18 – 27th January ‘19

Up third, we have an exhibit that explores the relationship between fashion and nature. Fashioned from Nature looks at fashion from the early 17th century up until the modern day. Looking at fashion inspired by nature, as well as the raw materials that are in the fabric of the very clothes we wear. In this UK exhibition first, you will dive into and explore the relationship between fashion and the environment, looking at the impact of mass production and sourcing these materials has had on the natural world. Throughout this exhibit you’ll see items from the past 400 odd years, with some beautiful pieces of clothing as well as objects of protest against fashion’s ‘environmental crimes’.

Learn about the current research behind developing fashion fit for the modern ages, from eco-friendly sources materials and recycled food waste fibres too. It’s an exhibit that’s not one to be missed, and its prevalence is of the utmost importance in our current age. The exhibit includes work from designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCartney and many, many more.

To find out more about this upcoming exhibit, click HERE.

  1. Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up: 16th June ’18 – 4th November ‘18

From one of the most widely recognised, and most innovative, painters of the 20th century, Frida Kahlo is an icon of both art and fashion, crafting herself through dress and self-fashioning.  For the first time outside of Mexico, this exhibition will be hosted by the V&A and will feature Kahlo’s clothing and personal possessions too. All of these items were discovered back in 2004, in the Blue House, following the opening of storerooms which have previously been sealed for fifty years. This ground-breaking exhibition will feature Kahlo’s iconic style, and how it presents her complex duality behind her Western and Mexican identity.

Highlights of this exhibit include some stunning hand-painted corsets, and iconic paintings such as My Dress Hangs There and The Love Embrace as well. This exhibition will run from mid-June until early November, so see it while you can!

For more info, click HERE.

  1. The Future Starts Here: 12th May ’18 – 4th November ‘18

We’ve previously written about this exhibit in another blog post, however we can’t get over how amazing this exhibition is going to be! This exhibit is the first of its kind for the V&A, as it looks into technology and how it is shaping the future and our current age. All of the items on display, are either in development or at prototype stage, so the future doesn’t seem so far off (you might say the future starts here…). From aerial unmanned drones to laundry folding robots, this exhibit has so much to see.

You can read our full post covering our exclusive press preview by clicking HERE. As for more information on the exhibit? If you want that, click HERE.


And that’s it from us! Hope you enjoyed our 5 V&A exhibits coming this year. If you want anymore information about upcoming events from the V&A and any of our other wonderful attractions, click HERE.

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It’s official, we’ve settled back into the office after the struggle of the first day back. We’re here, we’re happy – it’s 2018! We hope all our readers had a lovely festive period and a fantastic New Year. With the New Year comes some great new events from up and down the country. We’re here to fill you with some 2018 inspiration, with a list of fun things to do this year.

Here’s our top 5 events, happening in January across the UK!

  1. Ghost Tours – Hampton Court Palace, Surrey

Although Halloween is 10 months away, some of you just need a little bit of paranormal spookiness in your lives. Hampton Court Palace has the solution for all your needs. This exclusive out of hours tour of the grounds will uncover the mysterious haunting of the palace, with the keen eyed able to spot some ghouls. With over 500 years of history, the palace is teeming with ghosts and stories, like the Tudor royal nurse, whose spirit stalks the old apartments and the mysterious ‘Skeletor’ figure - captured on CCTV in the dead of night.

There’s a family event available too, for the little ones (7/1) Tours are available on selected dates 7th, 14th and 21st, and tickets are priced as follows: Adult Ghost Tours: £27.50, Family Ghost Tours: Adults £14 / Children £7.

  1. Dress Up your Dog Day – The True Crime Museum, East Sussex

If you love learning about the world of crime and spending time with your dog, then boy do we have a day out for you! As it is National #DressUpYourDogDay on January 14th, bring them along to The True Crime Museum and enter them in a fancy-dress competition. Plus, bringing your dog gets you free entry! 1 dog = 1 owner’s free entry. You can even put up your pooch’s pic on the Dog Mug Shot Wall. Admission is between 10am – 5pm.

  1. Rainham Harries Social Run – RSPB Rainham Marshes Nature Reserve, Essex

Every January there is a surge in gym memberships, workout gear and healthy food. But then the novelty wears off, and you’re left wondering why you paid for a gym. If you’re tired of staring at a blank wall on a treadmill, we’ve got just the thing! Run around the beautiful RSPB nature reserve in a fun and active session for all ability levels. With distances from 5km to 12km, there’s enough running to fill your lungs with fresh air and achievement. Running on January 21st, this session only costs £1 – and runs between 9.30 and 10.30.

  1. Think Space Lecture – Royal Observatory, London

On January 16th, visitors to the Royal Observatory will be able to attend an exclusive lecture on the latest developments and research in astrophysics. You don’t need to be a pro, just have a taste for space, and come along ready to learn. Renowned astrophysicist at University College London, Professor Raman Prinja, talks the evolution of stars. Stars; from dusty birth to explosive death’ costs £10 for adults and £7 for children (ages 11+).

  1. Confessions – Tower of London, London

Marking the anniversary of Guy Fawkes’ infamous ‘confession’, head down to the Tower of London, on January 31st to hear some of the innermost secrets of poets and storytellers alike. This exclusive performance explores the themes of coercion and free will, inspired by Guy Fawkes’ interrogation following the ‘Gun Powder Plot’ failure. Tickets are £25, and this is an over 18s event. Taking place at 7pm in the atmospheric St Peter’s ad Vincula chapel.

For more information on upcoming events in January and beyond, click HERE for our events page. Keep your eyes peeled for some exciting events coming in 2018. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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Christmas is so close we can taste it! We can practically smell the turkey roasting in the oven. However, we can’t help looking forward to the new year to come! With the passing of Christmas comes New Year, and in 2018, there are some amazing things happening all across the UK.

Yes, the new year will hold some of the most exciting and innovative exhibitions we’ve seen to date, in various attractions up and down the county. With some great events coming up, we’ve put together a list of our top 4 exhibitions coming in the new year. If you have the chance, you should definitely check out all these exhibits coming up!

  1. The Future Starts Here – V&A, London

Kicking off our list is The Future Starts Here at the V&A - in fact we went to a preview of the exhibit in November of this year. Curated by the Design, Architecture and Digital Department, this exhibition is a first of it’s kind for the V&A. Instead of focusing on art, this exhibit showcases items of the future, that are available today. Futuristic devices and objects that are in production, prototype stage and even available on the market to purchase.

Supported by Volkswagen Group, this innovative exhibition takes you on a journey into the future, where you can see where the world is heading and look at all the cool gadgets that will impact future life. It’s an informative and interesting experience, suitable for all the family. Demos and displays will feature throughout the exhibit, set to ‘wow’ everyone who attends.

The event opens on 12th May and runs until 4th November in the new year. Catch this exhibit while you can, for a look into the world of tomorrow, today. Advanced tickets are £15 and V&A members go for free. To find out more, click HERE.

  1. Titanic Stories ­– National Maritime Museum Cornwall, Cornwall

Beginning on 8th March, running until 7 January (2019), this fascinating new exhibition at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall, will offer a new insight into the great and infamous legacy of the Titanic. This exhibition will bring to together objects and stories from across the globe, to delve deeper into the true history behind the disaster. Was the ship doomed to fail? Were the women and children really taken off the ship first? The answers can be found at this new exhibit.

Collaborating with private collectors and national museums, rare items are brought together to tell the untold stories of the Titanic, it’s crew and passengers. The exhibition will also look into the speedy growth and commercialisation of the disaster, making it one of the biggest and infamous disasters of the 20th century.

This exhibition will run from 8th March until 7th January. It is a chance to glimpse into the past and discover the mystery of the Titanic, from personal accounts, objects and items of the crew, passengers and family of those lost. For more information on the event, click HERE.

  1. Wildlife Photographer of the Year – National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh

Returning again for another year, the annual celebration of wildlife photography begins January 19th, and will be on display until 29th April 2018. Displaying some beautiful and awe-inspiring photos of wildlife from across the globe, taken by some expert and extremely talented photographers. Back for it’s 53rd year, there have been over 50,000 entries from both aspiring and professional photographers, across the world – 92 countries in total have submitted entries to the exhibition.

This exhibition will give you a chance to see the vast wildlife around the world, in beautiful detail captured by artists. Not only can you see animal habits and habitats, but amazing landscapes too. You’ll be transported on a wild tour of the world, to see the beauty of the natural world, up close. With the affect global warming has on the planet, wildlife is rapidly – this exclusive exhibition captures our natural world, and highlights the vast landscape and animal life on our planet.

Running from January 9th until April 29th, and for more information, click HERE.

  1. Slaves of Fashion: New Works by the Singh Twins – Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool

Exploring the history of relationship of fashion and slavery, this insightful exhibition will feature the history of Indian textiles, Empire, luxury consumerism and enslavement. Running from 19th January until 20th May, more than 20 new artwork pieces by the internationally renowned artists will be on display at the Walker Art Gallery. The Singh Twins have combined traditional hand-painting with digital created imagery, to make beautiful works of art.

Examining the relationship between Britain and India, this exhibition will delve into the details of Europe’s colonial past and the hidden legacies that have been uncovered. Looking into the debates around ethical trade and responsible consumerism too. For more information on this exhibit, click HERE.


Keep your eyes locked on our Events page for all the upcoming events in the New Year. As always, we’ll be back to bring you the best attractions and events in the UK for 2018!

Sorry if we go quiet for the next week or so - we’ll be out of Office enjoying the festive period! From all of us at DOUK, we hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year and any other winter holidays out there! We’ll be returning to the office on January 2nd, to bring a whole New Years’ worth of events and exciting new attractions in 2018.

Unfortunately, there will be no updates on DOUK from December 22nd until the date we return. Blogs and news will resume on January 2nd. Have a wonderful festive period! And stay tuned for all the latest events and attractions in 2018.

Keep an eye on our Facebook! We’ll be posting some stuff on there to hold you all over.

Oh and for New Year’s Eve at 11:59:59… HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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Not only has Santa got his annual worldwide trip for everyone on his nice list, but he is visiting the UK for some exclusive appearances. It’s going to take a lot of Christmas magic to get him around the country, with a lot of same day appearances to attend. If you’re looking to bring your little ones along to meet Saint Nick, we’ve put together a list of where he’ll be and when.

  • West Dean Gardens

Santa’s first stop on his Great British tour is down in West Sussex, at West Den Gardens. Appearing on the 16th and 17th December between 10am – 4.30pm (last admittance is at 4). Kids will get the chance to meet Father Christmas and get a little pre-Christmas present from him. There’s mince pies and mulled win for the grownups, and a chance to make ornaments and Christmas cards too!

Booking to see Santa is a must, as he’s a very busy man and everyone wants to see if they’re on the nice list! Child entry is £5 and Adult entry is £5.50.

  • Sandcastle Waterpark

Santa returns on the 16th – 17th in his temporary grotto at Sandcastle Waterpark. Enjoy a day of waterpark fun whilst you wait to see the big man himself! Tickets are £7.50 and can be purchased online. Click HERE to see winter opening times for the waterpark.

  • Hornchurch Country Park and Ingrebourne Valley Visitor Centre

Appearing on the 16th,17th 21st and 22nd, Santa’s second stop is to the magical woods of Hornchurch, in Essex. He’ll be using some special Christmas magic to make his way between Essex and Sussex on the same day! Wrap up warm to visit Santa’s woodland grotto! You’ll receive a special Christmas present and a chance to have a photo with Father Christmas. Booking is essential, tickets are £7 per child.

  • ZSL London Zoo

Not only can little ones meet Santa, but they can enjoy a fun day out at ZSL London Zoo too. Santa will be in the centre of the zoo, along with all the other wonderful animals too. Santa will be using his festive magic again, as he’ll be in London again on the 17th right through to 24th, before he returns to the North Pole to get ready for his big Christmas delivery.

Money from the Santa experience goes to Zoological Society of London conservation charity, so it’s all for a good cause. Ticket prices can be found, HERE. Booking is essential.

  • LEGOLAND Windsor Resort

Santa is arriving to LEGOLAND, in the form of bricks. Yes, the park has made a full-scale model of Santa and his sleigh. Whilst you won’t be able to meet Saint Nick, it’s a perfect time to grab a picture with this impressive LEGO model. The LEGO Santa will be at LEGOLAND until late December.

More information and tickets are available by clicking HERE.

Expect Santa to have some mini breaks throughout the day, whilst he visits other attraction on the same day! He’s a busy man but wants to see all the smiling faces – so please be patient! The elves will be there to keep you entertained.

For all Christmas events, across the UK. Visit our events page by clicking HERE.

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Guess what? As you know, we love a day out at DOUK – and today, we went out for one! Well, sort of. We were invited to an exclusive unveiling of the brand-new spring exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, in London. The Future Starts Here is the museum’s new, and experimental, exhibition opening in May of 2018. Featuring over one hundred objects and gadgets that are set to enhance the human experience in the future – or in the not so distance future.

Curated by Rory Hyde, Mariana Pestana and the Design, Architecture and Digital Department, supported by the Volkswagen Group, this exhibition is truly an original experience, and an experimental first for the V&A.

All of the items in the collection are either on the market, in development or at the prototype stage. Not only does the exhibition showcase the tech and design of the future, but it asks questions of where our world is heading. Is this technology set to enhance our experience, or will it be a detriment to our lives? How is smart design shaping our future cities? Through the exhibition future technology and design are interrogated and explored on an unprecedented scale.

What we saw

Although we only saw the exhibition in part, it gave a fascinating insight and left us wanting more. From a 3D printed rendering of Chelsea Manning’s face made entirely from DNA, to a portable lab, from Bento Labs - the size of a keyboard with the power to analyse, manipulate and explore DNA on a scale that was only available to scientists and experts up till now. The Future Starts Here outlines the limitless potential of the future, through real futuristic tech – things you couldn’t imagine but are in development and tangible.

Huge tech giants have invested in new creations as well, with Facebook rolling out a light aircraft that brings the internet to the two thirds of the world, that don’t have it. The Aquila transmits internet to parts of the world without it, and the aircraft is light, hovering and solar powered. Mark Zuckerberg believes that connection is a basic human right. A look at Apple’s newest headquarters and a Crowd Funded pedestrian walkway in Rotterdam, shed a light on the architectural design of the future.

Other features include a drone sailing ship, Protei, that collects rubbish and oil spills in the ocean. The Svalbard Global Seed Vault preserves seeds in the event of large scale crisis– this tech is shaping the future but set to save and preserve it as well. The tech on display dances a fine line between the good technology can do, but also the harm it can inflict.

The Future Starts Here aims to not only help you envision the future to come, but question what this tech and design can do. To inspire a wide audience with design and tech that seems impossible to imagine but is here, now. For the visitor, ethical and speculative questions are asked to engage you in the future, with tech that inspires and innovates – there’s a robot that does all the laundry for you, who wouldn’t want that? We could go on and on about all the fascinating design and tech we saw, but instead we’ll tell you what’s in it for you.

Why YOU should go

This daring and experimental exhibition is nothing like we’ve seen before. A first for the V&A, it features so much to see and engage with. It explores tech in 4 large main scales. The self, public spaces, the planet and finally the vast cosmos above. This exhibition can teach, both adults and children, so much about the future and engage an interest in technology and design. The Future Starts Here can educate and engage everyone. From a curious child who is inquisitive about what their adult lives will be like, to the sceptic grandma/parent anxious of where the world is heading. This exhibition has something for everyone. The ‘wow’ factor for everything on display can’t be measured. The Future Starts Here is a truly fascinating exhibition.

Opening on 12th May 2018 and running until 4th November, this exhibition is not one to be missed. A year in the making, The Future Starts Here is an informative and engaging insight as to where our world is heading. Advanced tickets are £15 and V&A members go for free. You can book your tickets by either calling 0800 912 6961 or visiting the V&A’s website, by clicking HERE. Supported by Volkswagen Group, the exhibition will be held in the Sainsbury Gallery for the duration of Spring and Autumn. The future has arrived to our world and truly, #TheFutureStartsHere at the V&A, Spring 2018.

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Winter Wonders - Top 5 things to see this November

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Been a bit cold, hasn’t it? With the passing of Bonfire Night and Halloween, it officially feels like winter has arrived. Mornings will now be spent with the kitchen spatula, a jug boiling water and a bottle of anti-freeze, to battle the ice that has formed all over your car. With the rest of the UK tackling slightly frosty terrain and major disruptions caused by the smallest amount of snow, the season is officially upon us. The struggle is really felt in winter. Luckily, we’re still at a luxurious 1-2 degrees, for now at least, which is a perfect time to get out and explore the UK, without 4+ layers on.

This November, in the lead up to Christmas, there’s lots of things to see and do around the UK. We’ve selected our Top 5 events for this November from all over the country.

  1. Silver Screen Sci-Fi Season - Star Wars: The Force Awakens / Royal Observatory, London

Prior to the release of the next instalment in the series, the Royal Observatory in London will be showing The Force Awakens at their Silver Screen series this November. On the 11th, Star Wars Fans can enjoy seeing the action-packed blockbuster in the amazing atmosphere of the planetarium, and live out their space fantasy. Accompanied with an exclusive talk after the film, one of the astronomers will discuss the physics of lightsabres and planet destroying space stations.

  1. Ice Rink at Millennium Square / We The Curious, Bristol

With the change of name from At-Bristol Science Centre to We the Curious, Bristol’s premiere ice skating rink is returning to Millennium Square this November. The huge ice rink will open on November 18th, paired with other winter attractions, food and drink from surrounding stalls in the Millennium Square. Including a carousel, the ‘Skyview Wheel’ and At the Movies – from Big Screen Bristol, showcasing films throughout the season.

  1. Haydn and Mozart / Norwich Cathedral, Norwich

Enjoy an evening of classical music in the beautiful venue of Norwich Cathedral. Conducted by Ashley Grote, Norwich Cathedral Chamber Choir and Norwich Cathedral Players will be joining forces for an evening of spectacular music. Playing the music of Haydn and Mozart at the Cathedral, critically acclaimed soloist Simon Munday will be joining the proceedings to pay homage to these composers. This event is on November 11th.

  1. Chiddingstone Castle Christmas Fair / Chiddingstone Castle, Kent

On November 25th, visitors to Chiddingstone Castle can experience their annual Christmas Fair. With over 70 stalls spread over the Castle’s historic rooms and a unique marquee. All of the beautiful Christmas gifts and items available are unique and will not be found in any high street shop. Gift ideas ranging from drinks, homeware, clothing and even toys, this Christmas fair is perfect to get your hands on some completely unique gifts for your loved ones. The atmospheric setting of Chiddingstone Castle adds to the magic of the festive season.

  1.  ZSL’s Roar with Laughter / Eventim Apollo, London

Retuning for a sixth year, the annual comedy show is returning all in support of the conservation charity ZSL. On 30th November, join comedians Alan Carr, Katherine Ryan, Rob Delaney, Sara Pascoe, Stephen K Amos, Terry Alderton and Rob Deering – as they perform stand up in the beautiful venue that is the Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith, London. This event is a fundraiser, to aid the animal conservation work ZSL does for wildlife all across the globe.

For more events all across the UK, click HERE.

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Remember, remember the 5th of November

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Halloween has officially passed and now it’s perfectly acceptable to talk about Christmas. BUT, let’s not forget the last big day before the season of Christmas cheer begins – yes, it’s Bonfire night. A night that celebrates one of the most ridiculously planned out plots in history, which was foiled by a single letter being sent to one of the members of parliament. Essentially reading, ‘we’re going to try and blow up the King today, don’t come in to work’.

Whilst we look back and at appreciate the failed plot, it gives us an evening to let off fireworks and celebrate with sparklers. Most of the fun is letting off fireworks in your back garden, but there’s always that one disappointing one that never goes off… damn Catherine wheel…

To avoid some underwhelming fireworks, we’ve put together a list of our top firework displays, across the UK this weekend, ahead of Bonfire Night on Sunday.


Batter Sea Park: On Saturday the 4th November, enjoy a spectacular display of fireworks on the banks of the Thames. The displays from the pyrotechnics team at this event have won awards, meaning this event is not one to be missed! Accompanied by amazing food and wintery drinks, an impressive 22-minute display with the theme of Power will illuminate the Thames this weekend. Order your tickets online to avoid disappointment. Tickets MUST be pre-purchased before the event. Click HERE for more info and to book.

Crystal Palace Fireworks: This fireworks show has not one, but TWO firework displays! Kicking off with the kids display at 7, with vibrant and colourful fireworks (with less noise), followed by a monumental display of fireworks set to music. Taking place on the 5ht November, food and drink will also be served throughout the evening. Again, all tickets must be pre-purchased. For more information, click HERE.


Bonfire and Firework Spectacular, Kent Life: A display with a twist? Do tell more… Well, this firework display in Maidstone, is kicking off with the lighting of a bonfire by fire breathers. Watch as these human dragons ignite the bonfire ahead of a fantastic display of fireworks and much more! This event takes place on Saturday November 4th, for more information and to book tickets, click HERE.


Southend Seafront Fireworks: This FREE event takes place throughout October and November, however this Saturday (Nov 4th) is a spectacular display ahead of bonfire night! For the first time in 21 years, this display of pyro technical marvel will feature music in the show! And of course, fish and chips will be available to enjoy whilst the fireworks go on! Sit along the beach and watch the glow of the fireworks bright up the sea. For more information, click HERE.


Leeds Bonfires and Fireworks Spectacular: Friday November 5th in Leeds will burn brightly in the sky, as bonfires across the city will be lit in parks, with firework displays accompanying them. This free event will take place with an estimated 70,000 people, with beautiful firework displays. The massive bonfire in Roundhay Park will be lit at 7.30pm, followed by an epic firework display at 8. For more information, click HERE.


Gosforth Firework Extravaganza: The annual event returns this year in all its glory! The ‘firework extravaganza’ takes place on Saturday November 4th with a whole host of fun things going on throughout the evening. With attractions and refreshments, the evening will be topped off by an impressive display with over 120 effects per minute! For more information on this event, click HERE.


Bath Rotary Fireworks Display: Accompanied by the beautiful backdrop of the city of Bath, this annual event hosted by the Rotary Club promises an impressive show of firework amazingness. Taking place on November 4th, fireworks can be seen at various locations across the city with sitting and standing tickets available. This event is usually a sell out, so order your tickets early to avoid disappointment! For more info and to book, click HERE.

For more information on events across the country, visit our events page by clicking HERE.

Happy Bonfire Night!

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