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Date Ideas for every occasion

Posted: Thursday, May 31, 2018
Category: Tips, Great Days Out

Posted by Shane Scanlon

Everyone has been on one of these at least one in their lifetime, either you’re the one that came up with the idea of going on a date or you were forced on the date. You can either be a serial dater and have lots of practise and experience or a first timer that has no idea on what to do. It doesn’t matter what one you this can give you some life saving tips. Here are ideas on what to do for a range of dates so that you can get the perfect date!


First dates are what gets the ball going, it’s the first step of an relationship, nothing is worse than having nothing in common with the other person and you just sit there in complete silence, awkwardly but on the other hand the first date is what gets the relationship moving, you both might have the best time ever and want to progress to the second date and so forth. Some examples of what you can do on the first date are…

  1. Meet up at a coffee shop: here you can see their preferred coffee (so on dates to come you can be cute and surprise them with it). Coffee shops are a chilled and relaxed environment as well so there is no rush and no pressure for anything. Here you can have a general chat to get to know each other better and see if any sparks are there.
  2. A classic first date is take them out for dinner: No matter what your budget is you can take them out for dinner. To a classy, expensive restaurant up in London or a cheap and cosy local restaurant you might know. Either way it is the thought that counts and they should appreciate that. Here you can talk and to break up any awkwardness there might be, there is food and drink to take away any tensions.
  3. Take a cooking class together: this is a fun ice breaker and is good if you two haven’t know each other for long as it’s a laugh and can see what the other person is like under pressure and can see how well they are at cooking! This is great for an easy chat without feeling awkward.


No one likes boring, serious dates where you feel like you are being interrogated and judged. You like to feel appreciated, loved and also to have a laugh with the person you like or love (depending on how long you have been together for).  So here are a few ideas for a fun date!

  1. If you are feeling adventurous then perhaps have a hiking date: Great for couples that can’t stay still together, or busy and are always on the move. This gives a chance to have a break from the real world. Taking a hike gives you fresh air and quality time with your partner while you hike and see some breath-taking views if you live near hills.
  2. Take a road trip: take a simple drive to explore near where you live or go further if you want, maybe make a weekend of it. Make fun memories with your partner while you see what the world has to offer with new experiences and new food.
  3. Maybe make a picnic: a simple idea which you can do anywhere and anytime! Surprise you partner with a picnic, make their favourite foods such as sandwiches, cocktail sausages or treats they may love even add a bottle of bubbly if you want to.


It doesn’t matter what your budget is, you can always have a date! Here are a couple of ideas of what to do if you don’t have a lot of money but still want to spend quality time with your loved one.

  1. Watch a romantic sunset together: take a little walk to the beach or to a pond or river near you. Get a couple blankets and wait till its time for the sunset or even the sunrise. This is a beautiful view for you both to watch, while you are waiting it gives you time to talk about how you both are feeling and how your week was.
  2. Stay in and watch movies: Perfect for when it is raining, snowing or just cold outside, this is the time to snuggle down together while watching new movies you both wanted to see. Doesn’t mean you have to talk non-stop while your partner is trying to watch it but is time to just to cuddle and spend some private time together without anyone around.
  3. Cook or bake: A fun idea for when you both don’t know what to do and to also work on your teamworking skills, look in your cupboards or run to the local corner shop to get the ingredients you need.   Either cook a nice, relaxing dinner for you both to enjoy in the evening or make a cake or brownies if you’re in the mood for something sweet.


Double dates… you either hate or love them. Girls usually come up with the idea to go on a double date with their friends, so their boyfriends can meet, or you get dragged along to one because you are the only single one out of your mates and they need someone else.

  1. Go to brunch: gives both “couples” the opportunity to talk to each other and get to know each other more. If it turns out awkward you always have your mates to rely on, to keep the conversation going. There is also food and drinks available for ice breakers.
  2. Go and see a play or film: Go to a theatre to see a play or cinema to see a new movie out. This means you don’t have to talk all the time just before and after the film and if there is no chemistry there you can just sit there and watch the play when it starts.
  3. Visit a museum or gallery: if you prefer not sitting still all the time and would rather explore well this is the place for you. While visiting a museum or gallery it also gives you both something to talk about if you find something interesting.

About the author

Shane Scanlon

Shane loves the outdoors and travels around the UK visiting and reviewing all the top attractions.

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