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Top 6 Cocktail bars you need to visit

Posted: Friday, May 25, 2018
Category: Great Days Out

Posted by Shane Scanlon

So, we are back, ready for more places for you to visit! This time we got some astounding and luscious cocktail bars for you to visit for any type of occasion. Whether you are on a first date, meeting up with work colleagues for drinks after work to let of some steam after a long, hard day, having a weekly gossip with your good, old friends or catching up you’re your family.  Even if you just fancy something different than your old, regular pub. Keep on reading to find out where you next adventure will be!


  1. Fu Manchu Bar:

Located at Clapham, 15-16 Lendal Terrace, London.

These cocktails are inspired by the Sax Rohmer book titles and are made from a unique blend of Asian spices and Chinese teas.  Enjoy drinking these sublime cocktails while listening to live music. DJ is there till 3AM so you can dance the night away (or until your feet hurt). Click HERE for more information.


  1. Burlock:

Located at Marylebone, 31 Duke Street.

This venue if for the history lovers as it takes inspiration from the roaring 1920s, Burlock is also one of the largest rum houses in the UK (perfect for the rum lovers as well). Authentic Cuban and Caribbean food is served as well to try with paired cocktails, are you daring enough to try it? Click HERE for more information.


  1. WM Barker & Co:

Located at 202 Bishopsgate, Shoreditch.

This is a secret underground cocktail and craft beer bar; this stylish hideaway uses unique and unusual ingredients to make their scrummy cocktails by doing so the menu changes seasonally to create a menu suitable for the next upcoming season with fresh new ingredients for your taste buds! Click HERE for more information.


  1. Tropicana Beach Club:


Located at New London Theatre Parker Street, Covent Garden.

This is perfect for the holiday lovers or people wishing they were on holiday. This venue is a trip to paradise with a ‘lagoon pool’ style dance floor, palm trees and over 500 decorations to make the place look like a tropical beach party. There are also cabaret style performances with live music as well. The Tropicana beach club also serves around 50 cocktails! From classics to new and flavoursome cocktails. Also selling beach style grills from across the Southern Hemisphere… Click HERE for more information.


  1. Aeronaut:

Located at 264 Acton High, Acton.

This is a cool and quirky place, this isn’t a normal venue but a unique and exciting experience, if you’re looking for something different this is the place for you. Get special circus performances by professionals, Ariel acrobats, swing dance classes and live music from DJs. What a way to get a drink while watching a spectacular show! Click HERE for more information.


  1. Ice-bar London:

Located at 31-33 Heddon Street, West End.

The temperature is -5 degrees Celsius, it is the only cocktail bar in the UK that is permanently frozen solid. Before entering guests are kitted up with thermal caps and gloves and then go inside for a 40-minute slot. This venue also undergoes a yearly transformation so that it is always different and is never the same. Click HERE for more information.

About the author

Shane Scanlon

Shane loves the outdoors and travels around the UK visiting and reviewing all the top attractions.

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