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SEA LIFE Centre - Loch Lomond - © Tim Kirman
SEA LIFE Centre - Loch Lomond - © Tim KirmanSEA LIFE Centre - Loch Lomond - © Tim KirmanSEA LIFE Centre - Loch Lomond - © Gary HendersonSEA LIFE Centre - Loch Lomond - © Tim Kirman

Most of it closed. Still taking full payment, and advantage, of families.

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Date Visited: February 2016

Loch Lomond Sea Life Aquarium fails to state on it's website that most of the attraction is currently closed to the public. What is left barely provides 15 minutes worth of entertainment but the Centre is still taking full payment from children and parents upon arrival. They have behaved deceitfully by failing to inform people, who only find this out when they get to the Centre. When I was there, there was even a child having a birthday party there. I feel deeply sorry for them, considering how much they charge for birthday parties. Even had all the exhibits been open, it certainly does not provide 2 - 3 hours entertainment as they claim, possibly an hour at a stretch. In addition, admission tickets are cheaper when purchased in Balloch Tourist Information Centre. Do not pay for tickets in the Sea Life Centre. Buying in the tourist information centre saved £18 on the cost for a family of four (£30 compared to the Sea Life Centre charging £48 at point of entry). My children and myself were deeply disappointed. Even when told that some exhibits were closed, this gave little indication as to the extent of the closure. Do not visit currently. If you decide to visit once all the exhibits are reopened, buy tickets at the Tourist Information Centre.

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