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Seals play Pumpkin Polo

The seals at Living Coasts are getting into the Halloween Spirit. Yes, the keepers at Living Coasts have given the seals are pumpkin filled with squid – sounds tasty, no? The pumpkin and it’s fishy filling was encased in ice, and was challenging for the seals to get into. Eventually, the salt water melted the ice surrounding their prize and they were able to feast.

Challenging the seals in puzzle play, the clever mammals had to work out how to get the squid from the pumpkin – even engaging in some water polo whilst they attempted to get their fishy treat.

Activities like this are meant to stimulate animals mentally and physically. Every time you buy your pet a new toy, you help engage them and do a little bit of environmental enrichment.

There are five South American fur seals at Living Coasts. Five-month-old pup Tamar and his mother Grace are living separately from the others until Tamar is bigger. The rest of the group consists of father Karel (pronounced Carl) and young females Gemini (born in 2014) and Tunanta (the first seal pup to be born there) to play with. Gemini is Tamar’s full sister, while Tunanta is unrelated.

For more information on the seals and Living Coasts, click HERE.

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