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New Pajama Cardinalfish at Bristol Aquarium

In the coldest nights in January, we like to snuggle up in our favourite pyjamas at home, but for the latest fishy friend at Bristol Aquarium, they’re just settling in to their new home. The Pajama Cardinalfish family have arrived.

Peaceful, rainbow coloured fish with beautiful orange eyes and polka dots – they don’t need pyjamas of their own as their warm saltwater fish, who live among corals.

Tamara Canalejas, an Aquarist at Bristol Aquarium said: “these small beauties are a pleasure to keep at the Aquarium, whilst they do display a social hierarchy they are always very friendly to one another.

Tamara added: “we felt they would be the perfect addition, not least because of their attractive colours, but also because their name is quite fitting whilst we all snuggle down in our pyjamas this winter!”

Pajama Cardinalfish males will incubate up to 8000 eggs in their mouth, for eight days, until they hatch. Around 8cm in length, a school of six colour fish can be seen in the Coral Seas zone at Bristol Aquarium.

For more information on Bristol Aquarium, click HERE.

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